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What We Know

Wellbeing is more than happiness; it includes life satisfaction, purpose, and control. Recent data shows increasing low levels of wellbeing in the UK. At Flourish, we offer a holistic, individualized approach to help you identify and improve areas affecting your wellbeing, providing strategies to achieve your goals.


Wellbeing is a much broader concept than moment-to-moment happiness. While it does include happiness, it also includes other things, such as how satisfied we are with our life as a whole, our sense of purpose, and how in control we feel. Measures of personal wellbeing therefore include the extent to which we feel things that we are doing are worthwhile, and our daily emotions such as happiness and anxiety. These factors are recognised to be strongly related to other important aspects of quality of life such as health.

Adults report low levels of personal wellbeing across the UK in 2022-2023, the proportion of people reporting low levels of life satisfaction, feeling that things done in life are worthwhile, happiness, or high levels of anxiety increased. Of those surveyed:


  • 5.7% reported low levels of life satisfaction (5.1% in 2021/22)

  • 4.5% reported low levels of feeling that things done in life are worthwhile (4.1% in the previous year)

  • 8.9% reported low levels of happiness (8.5% in the previous year)

  • 23.4% reported high levels of anxiety (22.5% in the previous year)

The proportion of people reporting poor well-being across the four measures remains higher than pre-pandemic levels (Source ONS:

Most people would agree that wellbeing is something to strive towards, but it is difficult to define exactly what wellbeing really means to different people day to day, the factors that may influence it and how we can support people to improve it. There is also a need to think about how external conditions (such as income, housing and social networks) and a person’s internal resources (such as optimism, resilience and self-esteem) can affect wellbeing. 

At Flourish, we take a holistic and individual approach to wellbeing to help you identify and address the areas of your life that are negatively impacting your wellbeing and to develop strategies to achieve your goals.

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