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Our Approach

​At Flourish we will see and treat you as a person

of value, whose wellbeing and goals matter.

Our energies are focused on helping you

to overcome any psychological difficulties

that are preventing you from flourishing.

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach, aware that health and wellbeing is complex and personal so people need a care plan tailored to their individual needs. We review and adapt your care as your recovery journey progresses, offering what is most helpful at each stage. We are flexible in our approach working at your pace and meeting you where you’re at. 

Our aim is to address clients’ deep-rooted underlying issues, as well as symptoms, offering treatment with long-term benefits and relapse prevention. We are aware of how distress can affect motivation, interest and the ability to engage in other areas, which only makes things harder. Our practitioners will walk with you, helping you understand your needs, set goals, build strategies to approach them, and learn coping skills for life. We understand how important relationships are, and offer support and communication sessions for family, partners, or other carers.

We are keen to help people of all ages, wherever they live, and provide remote services throughout the UK, as well as in-person at the clinic.

Our enthusiasm and dedication to wellbeing is experienced through the treatment we provide: the team at Flourish care - and we wholeheartedly believe recovery is possible!

Quality Therapeutic Care

Flourish only provides research-based therapies, and works in accordance with NICE guidelines, as well as Lancashire County Council’s Health and Wellbeing Board guidelines. We welcome self-referrals on a private basis, as well as referrals from GP’s, Commissioners and Social Services.

The outcomes of the work we do have proven the success of our service, and client feedback shows a high level of satisfaction with our clinicians and care. Flourish took part in a Real World Validation Study carried out by independent clinical research assessors from the University of Central Lancashire, sponsored by NHS Health Innovation Agency. They assessed the effectiveness of our programme for young people with Anorexia Nervosa, which combines traditional therapy and dietetics with support via the clinically designed Recovery Record app. 100% of anonymous client responses said they would recommend the service to a friend, and rated it between 7 and 10 overall, with 50% awarding 10/10. All clients agreed their treatment was personalised and the clinical advice given helped their recovery. 

Research shows that for the best outcomes, early intervention is key in mental health, and especially in eating disorders. It means higher likelihood of full recovery in a shorter time for the individual, and consequently less strain on clinical and mental health services. It has also revealed the high rate of co-morbidities and the need for multi-disciplinary models to approach mental health, as well as co-ordination between professionals involved in patient care, and family support where appropriate. In order for patients to get the right help at the right time, there is an imperative need for prompt referrals and multi-disciplinary resources. Flourish always seeks to work in partnership with the client, families, General Practitioners and other healthcare professionals. We work to establish trusting relationships offering a collaborative approach, to seamlessly meet the needs of our clients and their families. 

Registered Address: Quayside House, Chain Caul Way, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston PR2 2XS  

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