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What We Know

Mental Health is about the mind’s wellbeing – how you think, feel and interact with the world. It includes your emotions, psychological state and perspective, your ability to focus, consider, or make decisions, and your responses to other people and things you encounter. Everyone needs to care for their mental health, just as we do our physical health – and the two are intertwined as part of who we are and how we function, each affecting the other.

Poor Mental Health and Mental Illness

Poor mental health is when someone experiences significant ongoing difficulties with their emotions, state of mind and perspective, ability to think or to relate to others, and other similar symptoms. This may be caused by events or circumstances, or of unknown cause. It can become a part of how that person experiences and responds to life and cause them ongoing distress or problems. A mental illness is when a person’s symptoms indicate the diagnosis of a specific mental disorder.

Common types of Mental Health disorders include depression, anxiety, OCD, personality disorders and PTSD. At Flourish we are able to treat both mild symptoms and complex disorders, or address more than one type of mental health issue in a co-ordinated approach with our multi-disciplinary team.

When We Need Help

When we are struggling to cope with intense, or ongoing emotional or psychological problems, we need support from others. Hopefully friends or family are there for us but sometimes what we experience is more than they have the knowledge or ability to help with. Then it’s time to reach out and benefit from professional therapy or treatment.

We can feel reluctant to share our difficulties with others, or even admit to them ourselves. But if we know or suspect we have a problem, it is best to reach out as soon as possible. Finding support quickly makes it easier to cope in the present, and to recover sooner.

If you are not sure whether you need help but have been wondering about it, it is likely that you do. It is always worth finding out what Mental Health support is available to you.

At Flourish, we are happy to answer your questions about whether you would benefit from therapy or what kind of support might be appropriate, in a free 20 minute consultation. If you know you want support, we can book you straight in for an Assessment on our Mental Health pathway, to look at your needs in more detail, and put together an Initial Care Plan with you.

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