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What is a 20 minute Consultation?

A 20 minute consultation is a free telephone appointment with one of our expert staff or clinicians, to give you opportunity to explain your current difficulties and allow us to understand what is going on for you. From this call the expert will be able to advise you of what Flourish can offer you, how it would help, and book in an Assessment (this can also be booked directly). This free telephone call can be done just by giving us a ring, or arranging a time via email, SMS or phone. You can also book yourself into one of our diaries via this link: 20 min Consultation link here.


Why do I need an Assessment?

An assessment allows us to gain a much better insight into your history and current life experiences, any previous and current mental or physical health issues and treatment, preferences and more. The assessment takes two hours in order for us to gain a thorough insight into what has led you to seeking help, so that we can make an accurate and expert clinical recommendation in your best interests, as to what your needs are and how Flourish Therapy Clinic can help.


I Know something’s not right but I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Can Flourish help?

We would always recommend going to your GP if you don’t feel quite right in yourself, whether it be low mood, anxiety, or anything else, as it is important to establish whether there could be any physical health conditions causing a change in your mental health. But we can also help you, (preferably working with your GP) to get to a place where you feel better. We do not diagnose, but our expert clinicians can help you to understand what is causing your difficulties, what your needs are, and work with you to overcome the challenges you are experiencing, giving you skills to achieve your goals. Please submit an Enquiry form, or give us a call or SMS, to see how we could help you.


Can I receive therapy or treatment from Flourish without having had a diagnosis?

Yes! No diagnosis is necessary to come to Flourish Everyone needs to care for their mental health and many people could benefit from support who do not have a clinical illness. We are also aware of the difficulties and delays many people face in getting a diagnosis. We understand that behind the diagnosis is a need and that need is what we as a team of experienced practitioners are here to help you address. We will look at presenting symptoms and help you to manage them, but also address the roots of the difficulties. Where appropriate we will work with your GP or other professionals involved in your care.


How long does Treatment take?

Your treatment will continue for as long as you need it. This varies enormously depending on client needs: for some people, 12 weeks of counselling may be enough, whilst for many the process of full recovery might take months or years. Over the course of your time at Flourish your care package will change as your needs change. If you need more intensive or longer-term therapy, then your treatment plan at discharge will look very different from when you first started, as you will then be needing less support. Your input is essential in putting the package together, and in modifying it along the way.

Treatment is planned for 12 weeks at a time, and then we will review, reflect together on your progress, look at your ongoing needs and agree the next steps. This may be further treatment, referral to other community support/ intervention, or both.


I’ve had treatment for an Eating Disorder / Mental Health but I’m still not recovered. Can Flourish help me?

Yes! We appreciate that recovery takes a significant amount of time, and often happens in stages. It varies for every individual we help in their journey. Flourish Therapy Clinic can offer a range of personalised treatment and therapies for eating disorders and most mental health conditions, whether you have been diagnosed recently, many years ago, or are still undiagnosed. If you have started recovery, but don’t feel you are where you want or need to be, we understand that you might still be needing help to attain complete healing from your disorder. We are here to support you regardless of where you are on your journey.

I’ve had treatment for an Eating Disorder / Mental Health but it didn’t work for me. Can Flourish help me?

Yes. We have a holistic approach and take into account previous experiences, treatments and personal preferences. In our experience many people try one particular therapy and are unable to engage successfully in it; then try another and find it is transformative. We also provide the benefits of working as a multi-disciplinary team and for some individuals receiving multiple therapies/treatments as part of their package is key to addressing the underlying causes of their current difficulties and challenges. Your treatment package will be designed for you personally and may combine more than one type of therapy for the approach which best addresses all your needs.


Can Flourish work in partnership with other mental health / health services?
Yes, although Flourish is not part of the NHS we work collaboratively alongside Community Mental Health Teams, Crisis Teams, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Teams, Inpatient units and GPs, as well as other counsellors wherever necessary, to ensure that all of your bio-psycho-social needs are being met and working effectively together for your recovery.


How are services paid for at Flourish Therapy Clinic?
Treatment packages and therapies are paid for privately by the client or family and friends, by insurance companies, or sometimes by Social Services or through the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). You will be invoiced per 12 week treatment plan but are welcome to request paying in monthly instalments. We will endeavour to tailor your treatment package to fit your financial circumstances and provide you with several options if you have limited funding. If regular treatment or therapy at Flourish isn’t a viable option, and you are not high-risk or asking for eating-disorder treatment, then we can recommend our Low Cost Counselling service. This is provided by volunteers who are usually 3rd year counselling, psychotherapy, integrative psychotherapy or CBT students.


I am concerned about someone with poor mental-health and think you might be able to help them. What shall I do about it?

If you are worried about someone you think has an a mental health problem or an Eating Disorder, you can encourage them to book a consultation with us (clients can self-refer), or if you prefer, get in touch with us yourself to find out more first. We can offer advice over the telephone about our services and what you see as the problem, whether you are a GP, a family member or a friend.

Are there any age limitations for your services?

We can treat people of any age. We have a very good record of helping young girls with eating disorders to full recovery, and have worked with children as young as 5. We also have had clients in retirement and their later decades.


My child needs assessment and treatment. Can I be part of this process?

Yes, we consider it key to work with families for the good of our clients. If you are a parent you will be asked for your input at the pre-assessment and assessment stage so that you can offer your understanding of the issues. We also recommend at least one family therapy session for our clients, during which family members can gain a better understanding of their loved one’s needs and discuss how best to address them as a family.

I’m really struggling because my child / partner has a mental health problem / eating-disorder. Can you help me?

At Flourish we recognize the emotional impact that caring for someone with mental health issues can make. We can offer therapeutic support to anybody suffering in this way, either on a regular or an occasional basis as needed. We can also offer communication sessions to facilitate mutual understanding of you and your family member(s) when you are going through difficult processes.

If you are struggling because your child / partner / friend doesn’t want to come for therapy, it is always worth encourage them to get in touch / come for just a 20-minute consultation to meet one of our friendly clinicians. Let us know in advance if this is your situation so that we can offer time with a person who will be most suited to their needs. Often that initial encounter can help them feel more comfortable and agree to accept help.

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