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What is Obesity?

Obesity is the physical condition of having a significantly higher weight and proportion of body-fat than the recommended healthy range. (NHS guidelines are a BMI of 30 or above for this category). It is associated with increased likelihood of many medical problems, but also often results from or causes psychological distress.

When we need help

Obesity comes with significant health risks, and as such needs addressing promptly. Diets and exercise regimes often fail long-term however, because they are unsustainable or because associated distress or patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour are not changed at a fundamental level. Obesity can also cause psychological damage as a response to shame or other negative emotions, which left unaddressed lead to further difficulties. Getting expert health advice and also coming to understand the reasons for weight-gain and improve our mentality around food and living is advisable at an early stage, for all aspects of our wellbeing. 

Our Approach

At Flourish we always take a personalised approach, and will consider your personal history, circumstances and preferences from a bio-psycho-social perspective in recommending and adjusting a care/treatment package. We usually combine guidance on food, exercise and other lifestyle changes with psycho-education such as self-esteem building or body-image, and therapies such as CBT which helps people to adjust their patterns of psychological response and learn coping skills for a more balanced and positive mentality. If appropriate we can also provide trauma therapy, or NLP / Hypnotherapy to deal with associated stress or distress, or whatever else might help you in achieving your goals and a more happy and healthy state of body and mind. 

We do not prescribe diets but will offer the advice of a highly specialist dietitian to design a personalised and sustainable food plan for gradual weight-loss and optimal wellbeing. 

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