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A Non-Diet Approach


Breaking the diet / binge cycle

The binge-diet cycle can seem like a never ending circle, and is a tough habit to break – however with the right help it IS possible. Learn to break free from obsessive eating habits, disordered thoughts, unrealistic diets and restricted eating habits, and learn to love your body unconditionally!

+ Break the diet/binge cycle

+ End your pre-occupation with eating and weight

+ Eat the foods you love without guilt

+ Recognise biological hunger and fullness signals and eat in response to them

+ Discover the freedom of no restraints

Anxiety Management

Learn to face your fears

These sessions aim to give you a greater understanding of anxiety and the physiological, emotional and cognitive effects and how to manage them effectively.

+ Learn about the nature and origin of stress and anxiety

+ Gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of your personal reaction to stress and anxiety

+ Recognise your personal belief systems, thoughts and reactions and learn how to change them


Body Image


Learn to love your body

Body image therapy encourages you to explore your feelings and attitudes towards your body in a safe environment.

+ Identify and challenge unhelpful beliefs about your body

+ Improve your body image and improve your self esteem

+ Learn to accept you

The Body and Mind Link

Bendy – Breathie – Yoga-lates!

Trained in the world renowned, award winning Solomon Yogalates method. Offering small and intimate group sessions in the fusion of two outstanding exercise systems – yoga and pilates.

+ A safe and accessible exercise method for anybody; any age, any ability

+ These classes with Breathe will help you to “Change the way you think, change the way you feel”

+ Excellent for; relaxation, overall health and wellbeing, managing stress and anxiety, strengthening bad backs, injury rehabilitation, osteoporosis and arthritis and much more!

Compassionate Mind

Stop giving yourself a hard time!

These sessions aim to give you a greater understanding of how having a compassionate mind towards yourself can empower you to make changes whilst learning to self soothe in a healthy way. These sessions aim to help you understand the effects of hormones and neurotransmitters on the brain and how this affects your mood and behaviour.

+ Increase understanding of how having a compassionate mind towards yourself can empower you to make changes

+ Learn to self soothe in a healthy way and to understand the effects of hormones and neurotransmitters on the brain and how this effects your moods and behaviour

+ What does having a compassionate mind mean?

+ Create positive feelings in the minds of others and yourself

+ Compassion and imagery techniques are used to enhance thinking, emotions and behaviours

+ Learn new skills of mindfulness and compassion resulting in self acceptance and increased self awareness!

Effective Smoking Cessation

Stop smoking the NLP way

This neuro-linguistic programming approach to quit smoking will help you to understand how your negative self belief about giving up the habit have restricted your progress!

+ Find out what’s going through your mind in the need for nicotine

+ Learn new skills and drills to kick the habit for good!

+ Encourage and be encourage as you “Change the way you think, change the way you feel”

Food Feelings Relationship

image-asset (2).jpeg

Food and feelings

In a safe and friendly environment you will explore your relationship with food and the connection to your emotional state.

+ Use of food and mood diaries will help to highlight themes and behaviour patterns

+ Understand different types of hunger and what they really mean

+ Learn to respond in a new and healthier ways to the emotional and physical cues your body has cleverly prepared for you!

+ Meet like-minded people in an intimate and relaxed environment where you can openly discuss any issues you may be experiencing

+ Improve your quality of life and achieve a healthier mindset


Being mindful? Learn to enjoy every moment!

Understand how mindfulness can help enhance your wellbeing.

+ Mindfulness refers to the ability to increase your awareness and therefore your responses to situations, rather than by going into ‘autopilot’

+ Become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and body sensations that may be triggered by life events or unhelpful belief systems!

+ Open up to the possibility of responding to challenges in a new and more helpful way!

+ Involves the use of mediation and relaxation – you will be chilled by the time we’re done!


Motivational Enhancement


Take on the world!

These sessions will help you to understand the functions of your coping mechanisms (including eating disorders) and work on your personal motivation to change unhelpful behaviours.

+ Explore and resolve and ambivalence you may have about change

+ Change patterns of behaviour that have become unhelpful and habitual

+ Understand the change cycle and find out what motivates you to move forward!

Nutritional Management

Putting good stuff in!

This nutritional management course offers an interactive and informed learning opportunity in understanding the needs of our body and how it works.

+ Learn about meal planning, hunger, metabolic rate, portion sizes, the importance of vitamins and minerals and the effect of starvation and other behaviours on our bodies.

+ There will be an opportunity for discussion and the use of food diaries is encouraged which aims to identify and change negative patterns of behaviour.

+ Create a more balanced and informed relationship with both ourselves and food.


Raising Self Esteem


Being a confident you!

These sessions aim to empower and develop your sense of self worth.

+ Increase understanding of how self-esteem develops

+ Challenge negative self-evaluations and to combat self-criticism and unhelpful rules for living

+ Improve self-esteem and reach a sense of self-acceptance

+ Use of positive self affirmations and vision boards


Learn to chill

Learn to chill is a combination of theory and practise to help you relax your body and mind. The one thing you can control!

+ Learn the theories behind relaxation – mind, body and spirit

+ Practice various relaxation techniques and find the one that works for you

+ Learn how to relax amidst the chaos of modern life


Self Empowerment


Remembering how good you really are

+ Understand The Concept Of Self-Esteem

+ Explore and understand Emotional Intelligence and it’s function in Self-Empowerment

+ Understand Body Language to achieve more effective, positive communications with others

+ Develop a better Self-Image to increase confidence

+ Feel Empowered!

Support Cookery

Cook yourself happy!

This is a practical course for individuals with difficulty around food/eating distress who wish to learn more about preparing simple meals in a safe and therapeutic environment. The programme aims to:

+ Learn new recipes and develop skills in cooking and handling food

+ Prepare food with support and learn about food hygiene

+ Gain confidence in dealing with food and increase motivation around nutritional/dietary needs and change

+ Discuss meal planning and set personal goals for change


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